Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring is in the air....

The calendar says it's spring.... the smidge of green I can see in the grass says it MIGHT be spring, and the pollen count from the trees says spring is definitely in the air. I just wish there weren't more snow in the forecast! 
And a new laptop means the blog is back in business. I'm very excited to get some farmers back around the table before they get too busy with planting. Also hope to get more South O'Brien FFA members to the table, those kids have been having a great year! But for now, as promised long before the old laptop gave up the ghost... I'm going fangirl. I want to tell you about my new favorite musician. He's a fella by the name of Corb Lund. I think he's wonderful. If you're tired of the fluffy country music that we hear on the radio here in the U.S., if you loved Chris LeDoux and his songs about horses and life and cows....well, Corb is just as awesome.
 Check out the video for September. When I fell in love with this guy.. I can quote the interview. He said when he sits down to write a love song it usually ends up being about a horse. Who wouldn't love a guy like that? Seriously. But it's more than that. He writes about more than drinking, beer, girls in painted on jeans, and getting the truck muddy... okay he does have a song about getting the truck stuck.... actually all the trucks getting stuck .So the bottom line, if you want to listen to music about more than partying and cheating.... Check out our neighbor from the north... I think you'll be as impressed as I was after hearing Bible on the Dash for the first time. In fact, when you check out Corb, Check out Texan Hayes Carll... There's a whole world of great music that doesn't make the airwaves in the U.S. But the state of the radio industry is something that I don't want to discuss. So, check him out and let me know what you think of this artist and storyteller from Alberta.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Economic Development in NW Iowa. We have JOBS!!!! We Need People.

Northwest Iowa Development held its annual partners meeting last week in Sheldon. The economic development group represents six northwest Iowa counties.  The organization has been hard at work promoting growth in Northwest Iowa.  Vice Chair of the organization Steve Simons highlighted the development accomplishments:  there were 875 new jobs created, $105,385,000in new capital investment,  49 projects identified, 5 projects required IEDA financial assistance- $2.5M in tax credit and high quality jobs direct assistance.  Simons also said that approval of an application for Foreign Trade Zone Status should be coming before the end of the year. Simons said on average, each project creates 18 jobs.

Speakers at the event were State Economic Development Director Deb Durham and Governor Terry Branstad.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Farmers' Table: Farm Rescue

Neighbors helping neighbors has been a rural tradition since farmers started farming. I can remember growing up how Dad would leave his field to help a neighbor in need of assistance. How it was almost a matter of pride to be able to lend a hand. It was also welcome, whether for planting, harvest or hay... many hands can make light work for a family that is struggling with  a death, or a health crisis.
Now days, neighbors who are able to help with field work are fewer and farther between, as farms have increased in size and farmer numbers have decreased.
What this means is that the helping neighbor has to come from a little farther away, from organizations like Farm Rescue. It's the same help my Dad gave the neighbors, and his dad and grandfather before him.

At the Clay County Fair I had a chance to learn more about Farm Rescue and  how this great organization got started when I visited with Danielle Abbas.
Check this out on Chirbit  This organization has helped over 230 farm families in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and eastern Montana since 2006.
Danielle Abbas working the booth at the Clay County Fair telling the Farm Rescue story.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Granville Fire and EMS Fundraiser coming to a close

In small rural communities it is a challenge to fund and maintain emergency services such as the fire department and the ambulance. The challenge is especially difficult when the departments need new infrastructure or apparatus, neither of which comes with a small price tag. These departments work hard to keep their facilities and equipment up to current standards, without overly taxing the community they serve.

Granville Fire and EMS has found such a way to fund construction of a new fire and ambulance station. They have been selling raffle tickets for several months. The raffle they put together appeals to  just about everyone.
There are a few tickets left, but they expect to have them all sold by the drawing next week.  Fire Chief Gregg Penning and project chairman Steve Christensen joined me at the Farmers' Table to talk about the project, volunteering in a rural community, and how the crops look.  Click here to listen!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

County fairs.. memories and big things to come

I grew up going to the county fair, first watching my brothers show hogs, then when I was old enough for 4-H showing my pony and horses. Great memories and great experiences that I recall to this day. I had a chance to visit recently with O'Brien County Fair Board President Darwin Gaudian.
Darwin has been president of the fair board for 10 years, and has been involved with the fair, either as an exhibitor in 4-H and FFA or as an adult, well, darn near his whole life!
There was one thing in our conversation that surprised me... there is not a lack of volunteers when it comes to the county fair. Other community efforts in our rural area struggle to find enough help, but not the fair... he gave me some insight into why that is.   Listen and enjoy, this edition of The Farmers' Table.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Farmers' Table

February got away from me, and I didn't get the interview done, so I hope to have two for you in March. Today I sat down with Austin Rohrs and Denny Weber, both juniors at South O'Brien High School, also with us was their FFA adviser Mr. Eric Kumm. These are wonderful young men! Every time I have interviewed members of the FFA I have wished to go back in time to high school and join. This time was no different.

We talked about what they've been up to in FFA and how they think it will benefit them down the road in what ever careers they choose.  
Check this out on ChirbitListen and enjoy!

I will add that my equipment is still primative, I have a lovely little mixer and additional mics picked out on Amazon, but haven't bit the bullet yet.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Writing exercise:learning from the master

I'm still slowly working through Dinty Moore's Crafting the Personal Essay, and sharing my writing exercises, here at Tall Corn. This exercise involves an essay of Michael de Montaigne, and translating his words into the common speech of today.
 Here's the quoted text:

Others form man; I only report him: and represent a particular one, ill fashioned enough, and whom, if I had to model him anew, I should certainly make something else than what he is: but that’s past recalling. Now, though the features of my picture alter and change, ’tis not, however, unlike: the world eternally turns round; all things therein are incessantly moving, the earth, the rocks of Caucasus, and the pyramids of Egypt, both by the public motion and their own. Even constancy itself is no other but a slower and more languishing motion. I cannot fix my object; ’tis always tottering and reeling by a natural giddiness: I take it as it is at the instant I consider it; I do not paint its being, I paint its passage; not a passing from one age to another, or, as the people say, from seven to seven years, but from day to day, from minute to minute.
Here's my effort:

Man is what he is, but not perfect, and given the opportunity I would change him, but that's not possible. My perspective changes, much like the world turns and time marches on, both in ages and minute by minute.

Can't tell I have been writing in broadcast style for 25 years, lol. Not sure I have the gist of this one, I think he's talking about the flaws of man that he would change, and that those flaws also change just like time moves on and time changes things.